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Best Security Camera Under 100 USD

Been feeling uneasy lately? Got an expensive car you want to keep an eye on? Or perhaps you are planning to go away on a vacation for an extended amount of time?

The reasons to get a home security system can be many, but perhaps you are not looking to go all out when purchasing a security camera.

We at TopUnder100 have made a list of the best security cameras you can buy at an affordable price, and with effortless installation process, because we think that anyone should have the possibility to get their hands on a great security system for their home.

Security Camera ResolutionField of View
YI Dome Camera720p112°
YI Home Camera720p,1080p111°
Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD1080p90°
Foscam R21080p110°
Zmodo Pivot1080p360°

YI Dome Camera – The Easy Solution

Best Security Camera Under 100


The first security camera we will be taking a look at, is the YI Dome Camera. This camera comes with a beautifully executed design, that both represents good taste and great function. The YI Dome Camera comes with a wide variety of great functions that offers everything you could be wishing for in a security camera.

This security system is definitely the full package. The camera films in crystal clear 720p High Definition with its 112 (degree) wide-angle camera, and is able to move an entire 360 degrees, leaving it literally free of blind spots. The home security system also comes with an essential infrared night vision, granting you the opportunity to protect your home around the clock.

The YI Dome camera gives you the opportunity to bookmark up to 8 presets, that you can switch between with ease. Wether you choose to smoothly slide from preset to preset or you just want to take a quick look at a certain bookmark

The security system is easily cooperated with through an app called YI Home App, that you can download on your smartphone. The app increases the versatility of the system even more by offering you a wide variety of great possibilities.

The app lets you integrate all of your installed YI security cameras into one single navigation system, making it easy to interact with every single device.

The YI Home Camera really proofs its versatility by letting you connect to those on the other side of the camera through live-video and with a 2-way audio, giving you the opportunity to check up on your home at any time, intuitively.

The security system also has an auto-tracking function that alerts you instantaneously if any motion has been tracked, by sending a message to your phone.

The YI Dome Camera even comes with an uncomplicated installation process, that allows just about anyone to install the security camera in their house.

The camera also lets you to choose between wether you want to place it on a desk, a wall or perhaps in the ceiling.

Considering all of the many great features the YI Dome Camera offers, together with the easy 3-step setup and installment, we find it to be the perfect choice of home security system for any home. 

  •  720p High-definition
  • Advanced night vision with 8 built-in 940nm infrared LED
  • Complete 360° coverage
  • 5Ghz  not supported
  • For increasing memory capacity you need Micro SD

YI Home Camera – Best Functionality

Best Security Camera under 100 2017

The second camera on our list is the YI Home Camera, in general this camera is the simpler version of the YI Dome camera, so if your not looking for the 360 degree movement, but still don’t want to compromise on the functionality and versatility of your home security system, this is the one for you.

The YI Home Camera is equipped with a 111 (degree) wide-angle lens that provides you with clear images in 1280x720p high definition. The camera lets you zoom up to 4x, making it possible to capture smaller details. It also comes with a great function that lets you view the images in a full panoramic view, making sure nothing goes unnoticed.

This camera is also equipped with a night vision that ensures an excellent image wether it´s day or night. Making sure your home is monitored 24×7.

The YI Home Camera comes with an highly accurate motion detection technology, that instantly alerts you with a notification, if any sudden motion is being tracked. Making sure you can react to any unwanted situations within a split-second.

The home security system also comes with the great possibility to catch up with the people at home, trough a live video stream with 2-way audio, so that you don´t miss a thing while being away.

It also lets you record and save the video streams, so that you can watch them again and again.

The YI Home Camera is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for an attractive home security system that covers just about everything.

The camera also comes with an effortless installation process, which only consists of 3 small steps, easily done by anyone.

  •  720 HD quality
  • Easy setup
  •  Local video storage
  • IR Nightvision
  •  Two- Way Audio
  • No integration with other home deviceses
  • Limited customization
  • 5Ghz currently not supported

Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD – Well-functioning Surveillance Camera

Best Security camera


In a world where unexpected things happen, example as robberies in broad daylight, the security camera is some of the products most of the people make use of. This way you can constantly keep an eye on what is happening around you and at the same time feel safe. Just for the occasion, we have looked at the  Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD 1080P (1920TVL) Wireless WiFi IP Camera

If you are looking for a well-functioning surveillance camera on a limited budget we recommend that you should definitely look at the Amcrest ip2m-841 1080P wireless ProHD camera. This camera provides 1080P stunning picture quality with a recording and playback function, and through a quick setup via iPhone or Android using the Amcrest View App you can stream video and two-way audio directly to your smartphone, tablet, Apple Mac or Windows PC by logging into Amcrest’s site.

With a remarkable 90 – degree field of view the camera has also intelligent digital zoom function and IR LED night vision up to 32 feet. With a microSD slot it also allows you to store your recorded videos and pictures. All in all you get here a security camera that does it all and even at an affordable price.

  • Night vison
  • Full HD 1080P
  • Stream Video and Two Way Audio Directly
  • Does not support 5ghz networks

Zmodo Pivot – Sleek Design

security cameras under 100

The Foscam R2 1080p wireless HD camera is built with the aim to provide you with the perfect security camera in a sleek design, and we must admit that they’ve achieved it perfectly. The Foscam R2 is a conspicuous camera. With its sleek design, the body of the camera is nearly 20% smaller than leading competitor models. The camera is easy to install, and the entire control takes place by an app that are offered in Android and iOS platforms. Not only has the camera a super design, the functionality is also top notch.

The R2 offers a full HD video camera, that can record in different resolutions. To support this, the camera has a 110-degree wide viewing angle and night vision up to 8 meters. In this way, you have full view and clarity about what is happening in the specific place the camera records. In addition, you now have the opportunity to save directly the recordings you find most interesting into an SD card, an NVR or Foscram’s own cloud, it is now entirely up to you which of those solutions that best suits you.

In addition, the camera also have Advanced WDR: Automatically corrects dark faces during strong or heavy light. Ambarella chipset and LBR encoding ensure a superior experience. The Foscam R2 combines excellent image quality with full PTZ control. With smart technology, the camera has motion detection and intelligent alerts can provide real-time push notifications with captured images via smartphone while you’re away. This wireless security camera offers total convenience via remote access and control. Enhanced Two-Way audio high quality integrated microphone and speaker reduced background noise and improve audio output. However, there are one thing you could keep in mind that the R2 is an indoor camera only, not an outdoor camera – for weather proof options please see other models as the FI9900P.

  • Fuld HD 1080p camera
  • Night vision
  • Motion detection technology
  • Supports only 2G wireless frequency
  • Only 30day trial on the cloud storage

Zmodo Pivot –  For the small homes

Security cameras under 100 2017

The last security camera we need to look at is the Zmodo Pivot, this camera has everything you need in a security camera. This camera is designed for the small homes, apartment or to your office, it also has a lot of different functions, let’s look at some of them.

The Zmodo Pivot acts as a hub and comes with two door/window sensors to alert you when something’s open. When your door or window is opened, Pivot will automatically rotate and capture what happened.

You think it cannot be true right? But the Zmodo Pivot is in addition to an elegant and stylish security camera is also packed with lots of delicious properties. Monitor in full HD with Pivot’s wide angle 1080p camera. With 16GB of built-in storage, you can record days of video without having two pay additional fees. The Pivot also provides temperature and humidity readings, a Bluetooth speaker for music, and two-way audio to talk to family at home, making it a true all-in-one monitoring solution.

along with all the other great functions you also get night vison, op to 30 feet.  Our overall impression with this camera has been good, the quality is top notch, the Zmodo app is easy to install, and use. So if you  have in mind that you would like to buy a security camara soon, so you should definitely take a look at this elegant camera.

  • Small perfect indoor camera
  • High quality
  • Cloud solution for video storage
  • limited to 2.4 Ghz WiFi
  • Storage is not expandable
  • Panning motion is a bit slow.